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Become a Third Eye client analyst


Interested in becoming an independent client analyst for The Third Eye, to be part of the family and aquire great experiences?
Well, that’s great news as registrations are now open!

“ Interested in becoming an independent client analyst? 
Well, that’s great news as registrations are open! "

As a client analyst for The Third Eye, you could be sent to a range of companies around the island to analyze the experience during a visit. Examples of visits are:
Hotels, Gourmet stores, Restaurants, Banks, Car dealership, Garden centre, Hardware store, and many others.

Depending on the task, visits can range from 1 hour to 3-days and remuneration will be accordingly allocated.

Ok, That sounds all great! But what’s the catch? 

Ha, that's a good question!
Like with every remuneration you will need to something in return. There’s no such thing as a free lunch 🍔.
Once you have registered yourself on our website you will have access to your dashboard. Here you will find all available “jobs”. Each Job has a detailed brief and some will have an additional certification process before you can be assigned. When you have read the brief and accepted the Job you can hit the road and proceed with the visit. After the visit, you’ll have to go back to your dashboard and fill in the questionnaire. 

Yeah, I’m in?  Do I need to pay anything? 

That’s another good question! 
Assuming you have already a mobile phone (Android or iOS) and/or computer with internet connection, your only investment would be: Time! 🕓 That’s a pretty cool deal, zero investment, or not? 

Awesome, that sounds good to me. Where can I register? 

Prior to doing the registration we strongly advise you to watch our short tutorials on how to register. If you have watched the videos already you can go directly to the registration page. If you need more detailed information you can visit our FAQ page or contact us. 

So, what should I do now? 

You choose!

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